Armadillo By Morning: CD
  • Armadillo By Morning: CD

Armadillo By Morning: CD

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The forthcoming album Armadillo By Morning, by Milwaukee's Liar's Trial, finds the group exploring the intensity of both raw anger and heartfelt love and loss, honing their song craft to a needle sharp point. The songwriting and lyrical voices have deepened and became increasingly narrative driven, and the group is not afraid to let a little more beauty and space into the work. The addition of brilliant pedal steel work on many tracks often, but not always, sweetens the tunes and melodies. That is not to say this is a band defanged however. Fans of Liar's Trial's previous albums will not be disappointed by songs recalling the proto-punk energy, speed, and aggression of The Stooges and Motorhead. Alternately, certain songs could serve as a backdrop for moonshine running, hotrods, and honky tonks. Also present are ballads and tear jerking story songs in the veins of classic and outlaw country. The multiple varying vocalists bring to mind Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson, Iggy Pop and Nick Cave, Hope Sandoval and Isabel Monteiro, Emmylou Harris and early Dolly Parton. With Armadillo By Morning, Liar's Trial, a group previously hellbent on marrying country and punk music this time around distills and refines these influences to their core elements.

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