Liar's Trial Nominated Best Alt-Country Band!

We are proud to announce that Liar's Trial has been nominated for best Alt-Country Band in Milwaukee in the "Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee 2019".

Let’s face it.  all the nominees this year are great bands full of talented musicians. We’re honored to be on the list with all of them representing our city and it’s vibrant music scene. But, country music is hard- hard to write, hard to play, and hard to sell. It’s especially hard if you commit yourself to being truly independent and original. We all agree the sound of a well-worn classic country cover is perfect for a rowdy Friday night; something to make you tap your boots and forget your troubles for a while. However, covers only have so much play, as much as we love them, because country music is not a place where note perfection counts, where trained musicians are sought merely for their ability to reproduce someone else’s genius exactly, but a place where feeling and voice count. It is a place where stories count. And yes, our stories may not have the polish of the top-40 hits you hear on the radio or coming from your favorite cover band, but they are our stories.  They are yours. We’re dedicated to one thing:  Three chords and OUR truth. 
So please vote for us, and help us continue to tell the stories you love!



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