Beer City Outlaw Country

Bryan - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Johnson - Electric Guitar
Patrick - Drums

Liar's Trial traces its roots back to January of 2011, when the Milwaukee band, The Church of Abject Sorrow (Bryan Thomas: ex-Avoided, Highlonesome, Silentium Amoris and Chris Johnson: ex-Cocksmokers, Highlonesome, Silentium Amoris) asked Chuck Engel (ex-White Problems, Skull Time, Crossed Wires) to play drums for a concert commemorating the life of former Milwaukee punk singer, Reed Avoided. After the concert, Bryan, Johnson and Chuck decided to continue playing together and soon added Erv (ex-Molitor) on bass guitar. The four continued practicing throughout the summer of 2011 and soon came to the understanding that the music they were making out-grew the narrow musical confines of the original project. With that understanding, Bryan decided to disband The Church of Abject Sorrow and Bryan, Johnson, Chuck and Erv would start anew with Liar's Trial. 

The band played their first show in September of 2011 and shortly thereafter headed to the studio to record their debut album, "Cowboys From Hell." The album is a mixture of old-fashioned country/western, rock and roll, folk balladry, story telling, and punk rock aggression. In 2013, after recording their second album, "Songs About Momma, Trains, Trucks, Prison and Gettin' Drunk" (One Track Mind Records - 2016), Chuck left Milwaukee and was replaced with Patrick on Drums.

In 2016, Liar's Trial again returned to the studio - somewhat older, questionably wiser, to record its third offering - "Armadillo By Morning," a return to its country roots. With "Armadillo..." Liar's Trial continues to redefine itself within its own unique genre while pushing the boundaries of the disparate influences that helped create it.